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 Tunes Recording Studio is the premier in-house professional recording studio, located in Durham, NC. Our Studio features a cozy 400+ square foot live room sufficient to handle single to team productions.  The studio features an immaculate new 22ft x 18ft main control room with 360-degree's of accent lighting with over 1000 different color combinations to choose from.  All studio room acoustics and exposed soundproofing were carefully designed to provide a professional music experience for both the engineers and artists.  The Tunes Recording Studio client list includes local, mainstream and independent artists. Our large client list includes artists in a huge array of musical genres from hip hop and RnB to pop and alternative.  We also handle custom beat productions, mixing and mastering, voice-overs, sound design, film/video game work, custom band web pages, and more. We designed the studio to be an open platform for a large variety of production possibilities.  


Welcome to the Tunes Recording Studio beat store.  Here you can preview, purchase, and download 100% original beats.  We offer four(4) beat licensing options as listed below when you add your beat(s) to the cart.  

All beats purchased will be sent instantly to your email after payment is received.



The Scarlett 6i6 studio pre-amp supplies the power to all of our gear.  From mics, monitors, subs, and instruments.


FL Studio 20 Producer Edition allows us to unlock new levels of creativity and make 100% original beats for artist and companies in need of music.


The Rode NT1 paired with the Aston Halo 2.0 voice filter provides the artist & engineer high quality 32bit WAV audio.

Take a listen to some tracks produced, recorded, mixed & mastered here at the studio.





We have over 5TB of high-qulaity plugins, digital instruments, Waves audio, SFX, producer kits, and other industry standard effects.  

We use Yamaha HS8 studio monitor speakers paired with a  Turbosound IQ15B 15" subwoofer for playback, mixing & mastering your audio to insure every mix is ready for any setting (club, car, BT speaker, headphones, etc.)

We have invested into hundreds of digital instruments, guitars, keyboards, drum pads, brass, strings, winds, and many experimental sounds to provide you the opportunity to create and break new barriers in music. 


We are open 7 days a week

Monday: 10am - 10pm

Tuesday: 10am - 10pm

Wednesday: 10am - 10pm

Thursday: 10am - 10pm

Friday: 10am - 12 midnight

Saturday - 10am - 12 midnight

Sunday - 11pm -9pm


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